Free remote support session with every kit  – just add it to your cart if you think you will need it. For any other queries contact support any time.

Get ready for your FREE remote session :

  • Complete your basic setup and connect your CCTV to the network.
  • ​Contact us via the website when ready and we’ll organise a booking.
  • ​At the time of booking you will need to be at the location of the ​DVR with a screen and mouse connected.
  • Have a computer on the same network at same location with access to your email.
  • Download and install ‘TeamViewer’ to be ready for a remote control session.
  • We’ll give you a call ​at the booking time ​and sort it from there.

We will also supply you with a FREE customised quick reference guide to make it even easier. Purchase your CCTV kit elsewhere and you may be left in the dark when it comes to setup. You may also find our info posts helpful.

* Up to 30 minutes remote session to assist with system setup to remote devices. Expires 60 Days from purchase date.
   ( We can get 99% of things sorted within 30 minutes & we are accommodating. )
* Minimum kit purchase required ( Four Channel recorder + four cameras )

*You can find all the ‘Terms & Conditions’  etc here.

Info Posts

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Install your own CCTV with CONFIDENCE

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